Don’t Let Online Marketing Take Up All Your Time

What holds you back from using social media (Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, or others) to market your property? We’ve address some of the barriers in earlier posts (see, for example, What Good is Social Media?, or click the Social Media link in the tag cloud below right), but another barrier is time.

One of the commonly asked questions is, “How much time do you spend on social media?” The answer is (and should be) different for different people. Some people, who see social media as their primary marketing mechanism, will spend an enormous amount of time engaging with potential guests through their favorite social media. Others will shy away, saying it is too easy to waste time, and being afraid to get sucked into spending all day on it.

Ultimately, it is up to you how much time to spend on social media marketing. We suggest that making it your primary source of marketing is not (currently, at least) a good use of your time. We do think that building the relationships that can come via social media is very effective, and should be considered an investment in the future.

The presentation below illustrates some of the time problems of social media, and suggests some tools and strategies to streamline its use. Please feel free to comment on other avenues you have found helpful in dealing with the volume of information on the social web.

Scott Thomas is the founder of About the Inn, and a frequent conference speaker on technical issues affecting innkeepers, including guest management software, social media, reputation management, web design, search engine optimization, analytics, and similar topics.

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