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Hospitality Marketing Summit

Where have we been? Apologies for not posting for quite some time (though I continue to share on Twitter and Facebook the posts of others that I find useful or interesting).

I have two “excuses” for not posting. Neither is perfect. One is that since we sold our B&B in May of 2013, we “tuned out” a bit. Sorry. The other is that I’ve been doing a bit of consulting that creates a bit of a conflict of interest for some types of posts. That said, I do plan to post from time-to-time, but don’t be surprised if it isn’t terribly frequent. Do feel free to connect via Facebook (if you PM me on Twitter, I might not find out about it for months, as I find the signal-to-noise ratio on Twitter to be unacceptably static-filled. Email via the contact form on this blog is always fine, though.

Hospitality Marketing SummitMeanwhile, what’s up? This week I’ll be in Denver for the inaugural Hospitality Marketing Summit Conference, created and hosted by Acorn Internet Services and Whitestone Marketing. I’ll be doing three all-new sessions on Google Analytics for lodging properties. All three sessions will stress making Google Analytics simple and useful. We’ll focus on getting right to the heart of what you want to know – what sites send visitors who book.

I’ll also be co-hosting one with Acorn’s Lisa Kolb on testing the Google-friendliness of your site. In addition, I’ll be doing several one-on-one mini-consultations, as well as hanging out wherever and with whomever is interesting. 😉