An update is long overdue around About The Inn! Fortunately, there is some news to report, as well as the promise of more to come!

Presenting in Norfolk, 2018

pie chartAt the upcoming AIHP 2018 Summit I am slated to present a workshop entitled, “X-Ray Analytics.” This will be on AIHP’s “Heads in Beds” track, and “An Advanced  Skills Building Session”.

The description of the session is:

Analytics is an enormous tool, but what do you really need to get from it? This session dives into only the most important and relevant areas of it: how to determine the value of paid listings and advertising, prioritize visitor interests, and most of all, do it without wading through all that information that may be interesting, but is not useful for you.

We’ll be looking at the specific parts of Analytics that gets to the most useful information, as well as looking at some tools that really help you cut to the chase!

If you’ll be there, please come by and say ‘hello’!

Updated site

If you’re reading this, you may have noticed a facelift on the website. One of the joys of a good content management system (CMS) like WordPress is that it is relatively easy to make a big change. Hope you like it (it isn’t actually finished yet, but it is getting there!).

More to come

I’ve been working on a project that promises better, simpler, clearer, and more valuable, information from Analytics that every innkeeper can use to inform business decisions, evaluate marketing, and measure performance.

Watch for an announcement in the next few weeks!