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  • Hi Scott, I couldn’t figure out how to join the conversation on your reviews. I updated from Webervations to ReZovations (owned by parent company of Webervations,, and I would like your thoughts about this software. We have been using it for 3+ years, but I’ve found the interface and features really limited. Was your review of Webervations related at all to ReZovation? I’d love your thoughts!
    Thank you,
    Eve-Marie Bergren

  • Hi Eve-Marie,

    The Webervations review didn’t really refer to RezOvation. I did a full review of RezOvation GT here (which touches on the booking interface) and a preview of RezOvation Web here. I’m currently at the Innkeeping Conference in Charleston, SC, and have already spoken with the RezOvation people – they have tentatively offered the opportunity for me to examine RezOvation Web for a review, so I’m hoping I’ll get a chance to work with it before long.

  • Just read your piece on ReservationsNexus which was quite helpful. I did send an email asking the difference between Nexus and SuperInn, which we’ve had for the last three years and are ready to upgrade. SuperInn is touting an upgrade that will “blow Nexus away”. We have been waiting months and is still months out. I think it’s time for Nexus. Any thoughts? Thank you in advance, Craig Lodge Ocean House Bed & Breakfast

  • Thanks for the comment, Craig.

    Both ResNexus and SuperInn have new releases since my tests, so it is difficult to give an answer with certainty. It concerns me that SuperInn doesn’t show screenshots and the lists of features aren’t very specific, while ResNexus seems to be much more forthcoming. Based on prior performance, I would expect ResNexus to come out on top, but I’d really like to do a full review to be sure.

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