Slide Presentation: Reputation Management

At this week's 2010 PAII Innkeeping Conference, we presented a workshop on Reputation Management. The slides from that presentation are below. Some of the attendees at the session had specific questions, and the audio will reflect those questions and answers. The audio will be available for purchase from the PAII website. Managing Your Online Reputation View more presentations from About The Inn. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us or leave a comment.

#PAII Liveblogging the Expert Challenge

First effort at liveblogging -coffee: check; power plug: check; table: sort of... This is the Thursday morning, March 11, "Challenge the Experts" session with PAII's Executive Director Jay Karen, Eric Goldreyer (former owner of, Carol Edmondson or Innkeeping Specialists, Tim Brady(introduced as internet guru) of 40 Putney Road B&B, and Ellen Grinsfelder of the Inn and Spa at Cedar Falls, moderated by Dave Hiler of Hiler Hospitality. First, we start with announcements and a story about a horse dying (it's Texas). Ready to Challenge the Experts. Questions were submitted in advance, but they'll take questions from the floor as well. First question: What is the criteria for listing on a directory as a B&B or Inn, as some are not that type of property. Eric answers - we publish criteria, but aren't an enforcement officer. Must include breakfast in rate and can't be a chain or franchise. They know that some stretch it a bit (some are 70 rooms), but they don't really police it unless someone complains. They pull them off the site if they don't serve breakfast. Jay adds that this is a tough issue because standards vary from location to location and the definitions aren't consistent. This will always be a moving target. PAII takes about the same view as Moderator: only Jay has "peeked" at the questions in advance. These experts aren't prepped. Question 2: Is social media worth doing if I don't have time. Tim answers that these are tools. You have to have a goal and choose the tool that is appropriate to accomplish the goal. Don't just jump in because people say to do it. Sign up, secure your name and identity, but just play around. Research what is appropriate. Ask guests what they use. [Good advice!]. You have to make…