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5 Ways B&Bs Can Use QR Codes

This week's post is a guest post from David Mitchell. David is the founder of webmarketing4hoteliers.com - a website dedicated to B&B owners and Inn Keepers serious about ‘getting more beds filled’ and 'making more money’ through effective marketing on the internet. For those seeking 'how to' information on QR codes, you may want to look at our article on getting started with QR codes. B&B marketing can be quite a challenge as the competition is always tight no matter what star rating a B&B has or in what country it’s located. Marketing your B&B is no longer just about letters, email flyers and an effective website. A very high number of B&B searches and bookings are completed on Smartphones and Tablet PCs – these are the new ways of the world. The ‘age’ of the simple "mobile phone" that cannot connect to the internet is nearly over. Smartphone shipments exceeded those of "basic mobile phones" for the first time in the most recent three months and accounted for 52% of the 42m units sold. Professionals, businessmen, students and working Mum’s all have these high tech communication devices. Not like the old Jurassic cellular phones or worse, the pagers, a Smartphone can literally do everything your desktop PC can. You can e-mail, chat, make a phone call, surf on the Web, listen to your kind of music, watch videos, create documents and spreadsheets etc.. and all these features in a machine that’s just about the size of your hand. The latest mobile marketing trend is the QR code. Abbreviated from Quick Response code, it is similar to a barcode where an information or a text is encoded in it. QR codes can be read when scanned by a Smartphone or a QR barcode reader. This kind of code has made…

QR Codes: How to Get Started

The basics of creating and using QR codes [caption id="attachment_316" align="alignright" width="194" caption="Sample QR code linking to our Freeport Maine Bed & Breakfast"][/caption]There has been a lot of buzz recently about QR codes. Most articles tell you what they are (think of a bar code, that smartphones or other mobile devices can read, and usually link to a URL, an image, or some useful information), and give some ideas of what QR codes can be used for, or even how to make QR codes more attractive. But where does the non-technical person begin? One reason most articles don't really explain how to make your own QR codes, and how to use them, is that it is a very easy process. There, no need to feel intimidated! Try it yourself if you have a smartphone or other mobile device with a camera. Just activate your Bar Code Reader app, and point your device at the QR code in this article, and see what happens (you may have to download a Barcode Reader app, if you don't already have one). OK, What are QR Codes, Again? Others have described them in detail (see the two articles in the first paragraph, above), so we'll simply say that QR codes are like a bar code. You can scan or read them with a mobile device's camera, and they provide a link to something. You decide what the something is - that's why most of the articles are called "15 way to use QR codes" or similar titles - the possibilities are nearly endless. So, the way this works is that you put a QR code somewhere (on your business card, in a magazine ad, on a web site, T-shirt, billboard, anywhere in the physical world). The prospective user sees it, reads it via their…