Where do bed and breakfast guests come from? How do the find you? At the Mid-Atlantic Innkeeping Conference there were some great presentations. One of the special opportunities was to hear from the members of LocalU, a group of nationally recognized experts in local search – who present papers and seminars on local search opportunities. This one was geared toward B&B’s and small lodging properties.

Much of the valuable information has been presented in a blog post by Mike Blumenthal, one of the LocalU members, in the form of a survey of members of the public on how they find a bed and breakfast.

Many of the results are not so much surprising, as validating. That is, many of us understand that our current guests are 45 years old or older, and that they are often less up-to-date in technology than younger people. We also understand that younger people are more likely to use mobile devices for things that older people would do on a laptop or desktop computer.

The eye-openers come when this information is validated, and put into context, so we begin to see what the future would look like, and how we can begin now to make our preparations.

The survey is on the LocalU blog, and is well worth reading.


  • Certainly is validated by me. The youngers seem to do more of everything on the spur of the moment than I do, because they can. Even though I am “plugged-in all the time, I haven’t made this a habit, yet. Old dogs, new tricks, yada, yada.
    Thanks for the timely post, Scott.

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